ADAPTABILITY Project Description
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Characterisation of frost resistance and budset phenology differences between full-sib families from crossings under different climatic conditions
Start date: 18th month Partners responsible: NISK
Completion date: 36th month Other partners involved
To test the hypothesis that either photoperiod or temperature or a combination of the two perceived by mother clones during sexual reproduction affect the progeny performance in adaptive traits, measured by terminal bud-set and cold hardiness
Description on the work
Description on the work Seeds from wp.1.1 will be geminated (November 2001), seedlings will be cultivated a phytotron and will later be tested for cold hardiness in multi-temperature freezing tests. Two phytotron rooms will be used to induce growth, growth cessation and cold hardiness according to methods developed during our last 10 year’s of research in the field. Assessment will be made of terminal bud-set. Tests of autumn cold hardiness will be performed at 10 freezing temperatures at two freezing occasions. Assessment will be made of injuries of individual seedlings. Analyses of cold hardiness data and the writing of manuscripts. The freezing tests will end seven months after germination, results will be analysed and a manuscript from the experiment will be submitted for publication. Results will be compared with data from genetic and molecular characterisations of earlier as well as these new crosses. A second manuscript will be made, combining data from all the involved participants in the project
One publication for a refereed journal based on the results from workpackages 1.1 and 1.2 ; 0-30. One joint publication for a refereed journal linking results with quantitative traits and alloenzyme and molecular markers from all participants in the project; 0-36
1° year: Seeds available from workpackage
1.1. 2° year: Freezing test experiment terminated and data available for analyses
2.5° year: Manuscript based on the bud-set and cold hardiness data completed
3° year: Manuscript based on combined analyses of quantitative trait data and markers completed
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