ADAPTABILITY Project Description
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Genetic characterisation of full-sib families derived from different crossing environments through molecular markers
Start date: 1st month Partners responsible: UHP-Nancy
Completion date: 36th month Other partners involved
  • to measure the impact of temperature and photoperiod during gametogenesis and reproductive process
  • to compare potentiality of different types of molecular markers for evaluating adaptive properties of the progenies
Description on the work
Screening of polymorphic molecular markers in the different crosses. About 40 polymorphic markers (SSR, STS and EST…) in all crosses will be selected. Some of these markers are included in already published genetic map and will be also selected on the basis of their genome coverage

Full sib families from different crossing environments will be genotyped with the different set of genetic molecular. DNA analysis of seeds from full sib families. Embryos an megagametophyts will be analysed separately.

Statistical analysis of the inheritance of segregating markers.Comparison of the results obtained with the different set of markers

  1. Database containing sequences of the primers used to amplify polymorphic markers assuming a good coverage of the picea genome. (0-12)
  2. Database containing genotyping results of the full sib families analysed with, at least, 40 molecular markers(6-36)
  3. Results on segregation analysis (12-36)
1° year Selection of the molecular markers and genotyping of the first full-sib family
2° year Genotyping of additional full-sib famililies
3° year Inheritance of segregating markers
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