Universität Göttingen / Institut für Forstgenetik und Forstpflanzenzüchtung - Project Task

  • Coordination of the project
  • Investigations on the basis of alloenzyme markers. Analyses of seed samples (megagametophyte / embryo)
  • Differential display of newly identified genes
  • Grow spruce seedlings under semi-controlled conditions and perform drought stress experiments, [optional: supply stressed materials to other partners]
  • Characterise stress levels by determining the water potentials, electrolyte leakage and total osmolyte concentrations [optional: Prolin]
  • Identify progenities with high antioxidative capacities and responsiveness to drought stress, provide functional molecular and physiological markers
  • Characterise antioxidative protection in progenities after freezing stress (supplied by other partners) and supply functional markers
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